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About US :  We are located in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada, which is located on the Oak Ridges Moraine. We specialize in Hostas.

Our property consists of a softwood/hardwood forest, which is an ideal setting for growing Hostas.

We grow hostas and shade perennials, but we do carry some sun loving perennials.

Our main focus is Hostas, and shady gardens and hard to grow areas.

Come and visit with us, and tour our Hosta gardens through the woods, see our hostas displayed in different situations, which will give you alternative ideas for your own Hosta garden!

We started planting hostas around 20 years ago, not a lot, just a few, Paul's Glory, Krossa Regal and Shade Fanfare.   We either picked these particular ones because of their name or their colour, and  how they looked in regards  to our existing gardens.   You are welcome to come on our property and view the hosta iles at your own risk. 

Then we decided it would be time to have an actual Hosta garden, so over the years we bought different hostas.  Then in 2000, my husband suggested we raise Golden Retrievers when our  dog, MacIntosh passed away.  My suggestion was, why don't we raise Hostas instead, thinking it would be a lot less effort on our part.   So low and behold we now have more than 700 varieties of Hostas.  55 varieties of daylilies, and 50 varieties of perennials.

We are now very hooked, we have visited several gardens, nurseries, shows, picnics, etc.  Anything to do with hostas. Our passion now is hostas and shade perennials. 

Everyone we have come in contact with in our Hosta effort has been very enthusiastic and willing to share their expertise with us.  We must say now we are so much wiser about shade gardens than we were 30 years ago.


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